Where can you get free stock photos?

I LOVE UNSPLASH to the nth degree! Their  photos are my wallpaper on every computer I own. I get a new photo in each new tab I open in Google Chrome and I use them in my web assignments and I even used on for the header image on this blog.

Unsplash Chrome App

I noticed that I didn’t add any links to free stock photos on my Helpful Web Links Page. I could only think of unsplash,  yet I know I’ve used others in the distant past. I found this blog post from pin in Pintrest named 21+ Free Stock Photos, by A Problem Like Maria. After checking it out to see if it was legit, I’m going to share a few with you here.

She has curated this list and has even updated it. If you’re looking for a site that provides free stock images, you might find it a site that suits your needs. Although free is good, if you find the perfect photo and you have to drop a few bucks for it, it’s totally worth it.


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