Suggestions for Coding Exercises

Photo of a wall with 2 clocks and a sign that reads, Ask more questions.

Someone posted a question in a Facebook group I belong to. She asked,

Does anyone have a set of favorite coding exercises that they do every day?


So many great responses were given, I had to share them (and save them).

One fellow mentioned that he practices CRUD each day.

One thing I am doing to help PHP concepts stick is by building forms. Form building in any language incorporates CRUD (create, read, update, delete) and doing it on a regular basis will help you gain knowledge of use of things like arrays, global variables, and building databases in MYSQL.


I’m saving these here for future reference. I don’t know about the validity of any of the services, but I’ve heard about quite a few and they are pretty solid from what I hear.

The more you code, the more you retain.