100 Days of Code Challenge Day 18

Today’s coding was in the form of short programs in the 1st chapter of my textbook from my Java 1 class and Codeacademy. I didn’t push them to Github and I’m trying to decide if that’s even a good idea. I don’t plan on paying for the option to keep some of my repos private, so I’ll keep weighing the options. As for my Java class, I spent a bit of time reading over the history of computer programming from Assembly Language, Fortran and Algol to JavaScript, Swift and Ruby. It was really eye opening to see where programming came from the various problems it tries to solve. I’m sure there will be a quiz on this somewhere down the line.

In Codeacademy, it wants me to upgrade to Pro, so in the Learn Java dashboard, most of the activities are inaccessible. However, there are several links to external resources, most are from the Java Documentation. It’s very well written and understandable. I guess if I’d never seen any of this in action, I’d have no idea what they were talking about. However, it really nailed a lot of points home for me like data types and flow control statements.  There are some topics that I’ll need to revisit, like access to classes, but the information that was suggested by Codeacademy was most helpful.

Here’s to another day of coding. I really think I’m going to nail this challenge and keep on going and going! There is so much to learn and I’m enjoying it, even the mistakes.

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100 Days of Code Challenge Day 15

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I’m taking a Java class this semester at a local college. Class starts next week and I’ve never programmed in Java before, so I’m switching gears this weekend to learn the basics before class starts on the 17th.  I’m using a book called “Sams Teach Yourself Java™ in 21 Days (Covering Java 8), Seventh Edition”  by Rogers Cadenhead.  I’ve installed NetBeans  and created my first project. I’m muddy on classes and objects and methods, but I’m getting the inheritance and superclass and subclass stuff. I know that methods in Java are basically functions in JavaScript, so that makes a bit more sense.

With the long holiday weekend, I hope get get thorough at least day 5.  We shall see. I’ll definitely  have to get a workout in somewhere in here and not stay seated for the next 72 hours.  When I need a brain break, I’ll revisit my tipcalc and get the drop down’s option to be assigned to the variable correctly I’m so close, but I haven’t a solid block of time to work on it this week. Birthday’s, work and teaching will do that to you.