100 Days of Code Challenge Day 21


Homework, pages and pages of readings.Videos to watch, Learning Bootstrap… The past 48 hours have been A LOT!

I finally sat down tonight to attempt the Free Code Camp Tribute Page project. I just sat and stared at the pen. I forgot how to use bootstrap! What!!! My brain just.STOPPED.

Java • HTML • CSS • JavaScript • Bootstrap • jQuery

As a new dev, I just felt the cacophony of a bunch of technologies that haven’t taken hold in my brain sat me down for a moment. I had to breathe, concentrate on the task and RTFM. After re-watching the FCC assignment video, reading up on the Bootstrap web site, watching a YouTube Video, it came together, bit by bit.  I did the site first in HTML then copied it to CodePen. I’m not done, but I got a lot of the elements down and I think I could finish it tomorrow.

I also read more in Java, took my 1st chapter quiz in the college CMS (20 out of 20).  What a day! I learned so much and it’s only the tip of the iceberg.



Birthday cake with candles

100 days of Code Challenge Day 10

Birthday cake with candles

Today is my birthday

Happy Birthday to ME! Well, January 7th is, but I just came home from celebrating.

Only about 15-20 minutes on Free Code Camp while baking cookies and I watched the first 18 lectures of The Complete Web Developer Bootcamp – Beginner to Expert from Udemy while I detangled my hair. YES, it takes that long. I don’t know if this ‘counts’ but it’s better than not coding anything at all on my BIRTHDAY!

Tomorrow, I’m back at it. I have a meetup with a fellow CodeNewbie friend to code together. I’ll be my hour in for sure


100 days of Code Challenge Day 7

Busy day at work so I was relegated to just reading up on JavaScript during my commute. I was reading JavaScript for Web Developers from A Book Apart (ABP).  After the wall I hit, I need some clarity and YDKJS is a bit wordy and confusing. ABP is known for their approachable reading in a book of no more than 100 pages. Since this isn’t ‘coding’ I had to do something to keep my fingers busy as well. I’m tackling Free Code Camp before going to bed. I even had to bounce out of the CodeNewbie Twitter Chat to get this hour in.

Not a stellar day, but I promised myself I’d do this for 100 days, so I have to stay committed. Here’s to the fog lifting and a better day tomorrow.

Foggy Bridge