100 Days of Code Challenge Day 18

Today’s coding was in the form of short programs in the 1st chapter of my textbook from my Java 1 class and Codeacademy. I didn’t push them to Github and I’m trying to decide if that’s even a good idea. I don’t plan on paying for the option to keep some of my repos private, so I’ll keep weighing the options. As for my Java class, I spent a bit of time reading over the history of computer programming from Assembly Language, Fortran and Algol to JavaScript, Swift and Ruby. It was really eye opening to see where programming came from the various problems it tries to solve. I’m sure there will be a quiz on this somewhere down the line.

In Codeacademy, it wants me to upgrade to Pro, so in the Learn Java dashboard, most of the activities are inaccessible. However, there are several links to external resources, most are from the Java Documentation. It’s very well written and understandable. I guess if I’d never seen any of this in action, I’d have no idea what they were talking about. However, it really nailed a lot of points home for me like data types and flow control statements.  There are some topics that I’ll need to revisit, like access to classes, but the information that was suggested by Codeacademy was most helpful.

Here’s to another day of coding. I really think I’m going to nail this challenge and keep on going and going! There is so much to learn and I’m enjoying it, even the mistakes.

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100 days of Code Challenge Day 4

I banged out the psuedocode today for figuring out how to split the check. When I tried to add the code, I broke the tip calc. So, I decided to separate the splitCheck from the tip calc. After that, I still didn’t figure it out, so I’m walking away. I’ve spent more than an hour today and I’m a bit frustrated. I thought I had it figured out.


Thanks to @cliftonC76 for curating all of the repos for the CodeNewbies participants. This is where I realized I’d been logging incorrectly. I updated the log.md in the forked 100-days-of-code repo and now I think I’m good.


100 days of Code Challenge Day 1

After listening to this week’s CodeNewbie podcast and joining into the weekly twitter chat, I’m game to give the 100 days of Coding a spin.

There was guest, Alexander Kallaway, who started the #100daysOfCode hashtag and wrote about the challenge on Medium.

The chat was so much info and so much advice, I had to digest the comments and come up with something that can get me through the next 100 days. I joined Free Code Camp to get a look at how I could help me stay coding consistently. This site is pretty good, however the HTML & CSS section was boring me to sleep. I want to work trough it, but I don’t want to bore myself out of the challenge.

So, I took to our Twitter DM group that was formed to see what folks were deciding to work on. One twitter buddy, @MageeWorld, had great information on GitHub. I haven’t used it in a while, but I’m going to try to push something each day, for some visible accountability.


After browsing through a book called, “Exercises for Programmers“, by Brian P. Hogan, I’ve settled on a tip calculator to work on a bit of JavaScript. I forked one off CodePen and I’m making several changes along the way. I just needed to start coding SOMETHING!

Here’s to being dedicated to 100 days to coding!

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Gitk error: Unknown color name lime

I’m prepping for a Girl Develop IT workshop on Tuesday called Intro to Git and Github. The newbie that I am, I’m trying to prep as much as I can in advance of the class. The instructor sent out an email with a ‘to-do’ list on how to prepare.

  • Laptop (√)
  • Git installed (√)
  • XCODE installed (√)
  • Signed up for Github (√)
  • Reviewed commands (√)

Now I’m ready. She also sent over a link to the slidedeck, so I started working through it. Since I know nothing about git, I wanted to at least know some of the verbiage and understand a little more about what it actually does. There was a command that threw a very strange error, gitk:


There is a file referenced in the error called gitk. It’s looks like a conf file for the gitk utility. After looking around, there doesn’t appear to be a ‘lime’ in OS X 10.9.5. I’m running Git 2.10.0.  There are a few posts that reference the same issue, but a I’m not familiar with a few of the commands.  When in doubt: Google it.

wish: A simple windowing shell used to process Tcl commands. Returns a % prompt.

info patchlevel: Returns the version of Tcl you have installed. I’m running version 8.5.9.

The post mentions running $ brew cast install tcl. I don’t have brew installed and up to a moment ago, I had no idea what it was. Homebrew is a package manager for OS X. If you visit the install page, it wants you to do a curl in /usr/bin/ruby and I don’t have ruby installed. Also, this is why it pays to RTFM.  this isn’t supported on my version of OS X 10.1o and higher is recommend.

There are posts about installing brew on 10.9, but since this a work machine and it’s very old, I’ll defer this to the mac admins.

In the meantime, to get gitk to work, I made a copy of gitk before editing it. To replace all occurrences of lime with #99FF00, from vi:


6 occurrences were found and replaced. I saved the file and ran gitk without error.

On to the rest of the slide deck before the workshop!