100 Days of Code Challenge Day 30

I haven’t been blogging much or updating the log.md file on the repo. I’ve been LEARNING!

Photo of Explore Pennant

This week has been filled with Java homework, chapters to read, terms to review, MeetUps to attend, code to code, podcast to listen to and so much more.

Since I last posted, I’ve been coding in Java, JavaScript, HTML/CSS(Bootstrap) and took a look at PHP. I’ve read about classes, methods, boolean relational operators, De Morgan’s Laws, algorithms, DOM and dynamic content. I’ve listened to podcasts about Woman programmers in the 60’s and  SVG images. I also attended two MeetUps, one for GDI Philly and one for Full Stack JavaScript. Being around other coders was invigorating and such a learning experience. It’s difficult learning a new skill in a vacuum. Having a community from which to draw inspiration, help when you need it and insight from is what I appreciate most about learning to code and using social media as a conduit.

Here’s a fun fact: the woman that Saron interviewed on Episode 125, replied to a tweet about a blog post I did on women in code. It was the SAME day I’d listened to the podcast. So, when she replied to me, the name was so familiar. I went back to the podcast and low and behold, it WAS her. We exchanged a few tweets as she spoke about the report my blog referenced. She suggested I read her book and reach out to her for encouragement  whenever I needed it! What a super cool coincidence.


Next Up!

I’m taking this blog post to catch you all up on what I’ve done since day 21.

Day 22 •  FCC Tribute page finished!!!

Day 23 • Started FCC bootstrap portfolio… work in progress

Day 24 • Still working on FCC bootstrap portfolio page. Also, Java readings for class.

Day 25 • Homework assignment- Java Celsius to Fahrenheit app for class

Day 26 • I paid for Codecademy Pro and did a few projects: Continent & Cities app, Loan calc app & OOP lesson.

Day 27 • I did the Java Codecademy calculator APP project.

Day 28 •  I went to a JavaScript MeetUp and  we learned about JavaScript ‘use strict’ & had a  DOM code challenge. I was sufficiently challenged.

Day 29 • I had Java reading on Theory from my textbooks & I Started droid project.

Day 30 • Today was the Codecademy Droid project.  I struggled a bit yesterday when I added the main method before the instructions asked me to. Today, did a rip and replace, working on it in NetBeans to keep the formatting pretty. At the end, it worked.

All and all, a super busy week. My next course (PHP/MySQL) starts Thursday, so I’ll probably keep my posts to once a week for the remainder of the challenge.  Here’s to a great semester!


Here are some of the resources I used this week:

Introduction to Java Programming

Free Code Camp Personal Portfolio

Coding Tutorials 360 on YouTube

PHP and MySQL Web Development Book

Learn Programming in Java on YouTube

Java Constructors






100 Days of Code Challenge Day 19

Photo of Light Bulb


I approached  my Tipcal app today and got it working. My light bulb moment finally came! Things were clearer and I figured out what I needed to research. I’m marking today off as a WIN!

There are a few other things I want to add to the app:

  • Add bootstrap or make responsive on mobile
  • Media Query to remove slider div on mobile
  • Create favicon
  • Add comments to code
  • Create my own 404 page

A clearer head prevailed.


Contributing to Open Source

Today, in the CodeNewbie twitter chat, we talked about contributing to open source There were so many great questions posed.  The answers were even more revealing about what we thing about when we hear the words open source.


For me, it’s fear of the unknown, imposter syndrome and being in over my head. I found out, I wasn’t alone. Many of us new coder have to deal with what we think we know verses what we have to offer.  What I discovered was that I do have something to offer and there are projects for me out there, I just need to know where to look. A great thing happened, call it serendipity,  @CodeForPhilly was on the chat and commented on one of my answers.



I’ve wanted to join A Code for Philly MeetUp for sometime, but they are always on Tuesday evening. That’s when I teach a class at a local gym, so I haven’t had the opportunity to go. It’s been on my list to find out about some of the great things they’re doing right here in my back yard and tonight drove it home. I signed up for the Code for Philly site and I can’t wait to see where I can make a contribution to projects that affect my city.

Docker MeetUp

All in all, a very productive evening. I also went to a MeetUp in Wilmington, DE with Docker Wilmington. Learned a bit about Docker, had a great meal, networked, and came home with some super swag! Today was WIN-WIN-WIN! This tech girl is TIRED! Until tomorrow…



100 Days of Code Challenge Day 18

Today’s coding was in the form of short programs in the 1st chapter of my textbook from my Java 1 class and Codeacademy. I didn’t push them to Github and I’m trying to decide if that’s even a good idea. I don’t plan on paying for the option to keep some of my repos private, so I’ll keep weighing the options. As for my Java class, I spent a bit of time reading over the history of computer programming from Assembly Language, Fortran and Algol to JavaScript, Swift and Ruby. It was really eye opening to see where programming came from the various problems it tries to solve. I’m sure there will be a quiz on this somewhere down the line.

In Codeacademy, it wants me to upgrade to Pro, so in the Learn Java dashboard, most of the activities are inaccessible. However, there are several links to external resources, most are from the Java Documentation. It’s very well written and understandable. I guess if I’d never seen any of this in action, I’d have no idea what they were talking about. However, it really nailed a lot of points home for me like data types and flow control statements.  There are some topics that I’ll need to revisit, like access to classes, but the information that was suggested by Codeacademy was most helpful.

Here’s to another day of coding. I really think I’m going to nail this challenge and keep on going and going! There is so much to learn and I’m enjoying it, even the mistakes.

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100 Days of Code Challenge Day 13

I worked on the split check app on the 10th, but didn’t have time to blog just posted on twitter.


Some Resources that I found.
Drop-Down select boxes

How to Create a drop down list



100 days of Code Challenge Day 9

Today I decided to face my fears with my Tip Calc app and take on the issue of input from a form element being a string and messing up just about everything. I just read in chapter 3 in Learning JavaScript that THIS IS NORMAL BEHAVIOR!

GIF of Jon Steward Mind being blown.

Mind Blown

Converting to Numbers

It’s very common to want to convert strings to numbers. When you collect input from a user, it’s usually as a string, even if you’re collecting a numeric value from them. JavaScript offers a couple of methods to convert strings to numbers.

So, here is a clear case of RTFM. All the googling in the past week didn’t drive this point home for me.

Anyway, there are 2 ways to turn those strings into numbers.

  1. Number Object Constructor
  2. parseInt or parseFloat functions

I chose the latter.  After adding the function to my variable creation, I was able to make the needed calculations on the number the user entered. No longer was the bill being concatenated into a string of numbers.  We now have math!!

Right before turning back to the JavaScript, I did more CSS work and picked a new color scheme and a few more presentation elements. It looks SOO much better.  I still haven’t figured out the split check part. I removed the text input for the number of ways to split the bill, instead I added a drop down to have the user select the number of ways to split the bill.  The problem now is, when I enter a string or leave it blank the if statement that checks what was entered doesn’t work on this page. After toying around, making sure the id reflected the element on this page, nothing worked.

I’m glad I got something figured out. I’ll turn back to Free Code Camp and make some progress there. I may even become inspired! Time to push the new changes to the site and GitHub.

screen print of tipcalc app


100 days of Code Challenge Day 7

Busy day at work so I was relegated to just reading up on JavaScript during my commute. I was reading JavaScript for Web Developers from A Book Apart (ABP).  After the wall I hit, I need some clarity and YDKJS is a bit wordy and confusing. ABP is known for their approachable reading in a book of no more than 100 pages. Since this isn’t ‘coding’ I had to do something to keep my fingers busy as well. I’m tackling Free Code Camp before going to bed. I even had to bounce out of the CodeNewbie Twitter Chat to get this hour in.

Not a stellar day, but I promised myself I’d do this for 100 days, so I have to stay committed. Here’s to the fog lifting and a better day tomorrow.

Foggy Bridge

100 days of Code Challenge Day 6

Today, I kept working in the console & Scratchpad to get the split check part of the app working. Trying out input from prompts and assigning it to a variable. when I went to calculate the split check amount for each person, it would concatenate the numbers. I was confused as to WHY though. I did a typeof on the variables that I assigned; bill, tip, tax, splitCheck, etc. via a prompt message and low and behold, they were all strings. The only ‘number’ was the percent calculation.

I’ve read about coercion, but I’m not sure why it’s happening in this scenario. I think I’ll take time to understand a read up on it in YDKJS a bit more, but so far, I’ve hit a wall. Number( ) may be the trick or is it ToNumber ( )?

I’m going to bed now. More progress tomorrow after a good nights sleep!!!