100 Days of Code Challenge Day 30

I haven’t been blogging much or updating the log.md file on the repo. I’ve been LEARNING!

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This week has been filled with Java homework, chapters to read, terms to review, MeetUps to attend, code to code, podcast to listen to and so much more.

Since I last posted, I’ve been coding in Java, JavaScript, HTML/CSS(Bootstrap) and took a look at PHP. I’ve read about classes, methods, boolean relational operators, De Morgan’s Laws, algorithms, DOM and dynamic content. I’ve listened to podcasts about Woman programmers in the 60’s and  SVG images. I also attended two MeetUps, one for GDI Philly and one for Full Stack JavaScript. Being around other coders was invigorating and such a learning experience. It’s difficult learning a new skill in a vacuum. Having a community from which to draw inspiration, help when you need it and insight from is what I appreciate most about learning to code and using social media as a conduit.

Here’s a fun fact: the woman that Saron interviewed on Episode 125, replied to a tweet about a blog post I did on women in code. It was the SAME day I’d listened to the podcast. So, when she replied to me, the name was so familiar. I went back to the podcast and low and behold, it WAS her. We exchanged a few tweets as she spoke about the report my blog referenced. She suggested I read her book and reach out to her for encouragement  whenever I needed it! What a super cool coincidence.


Next Up!

I’m taking this blog post to catch you all up on what I’ve done since day 21.

Day 22 •  FCC Tribute page finished!!!

Day 23 • Started FCC bootstrap portfolio… work in progress

Day 24 • Still working on FCC bootstrap portfolio page. Also, Java readings for class.

Day 25 • Homework assignment- Java Celsius to Fahrenheit app for class

Day 26 • I paid for Codecademy Pro and did a few projects: Continent & Cities app, Loan calc app & OOP lesson.

Day 27 • I did the Java Codecademy calculator APP project.

Day 28 •  I went to a JavaScript MeetUp and  we learned about JavaScript ‘use strict’ & had a  DOM code challenge. I was sufficiently challenged.

Day 29 • I had Java reading on Theory from my textbooks & I Started droid project.

Day 30 • Today was the Codecademy Droid project.  I struggled a bit yesterday when I added the main method before the instructions asked me to. Today, did a rip and replace, working on it in NetBeans to keep the formatting pretty. At the end, it worked.

All and all, a super busy week. My next course (PHP/MySQL) starts Thursday, so I’ll probably keep my posts to once a week for the remainder of the challenge.  Here’s to a great semester!


Here are some of the resources I used this week:

Introduction to Java Programming

Free Code Camp Personal Portfolio

Coding Tutorials 360 on YouTube

PHP and MySQL Web Development Book

Learn Programming in Java on YouTube

Java Constructors






100 days of Code Challenge Day 1

After listening to this week’s CodeNewbie podcast and joining into the weekly twitter chat, I’m game to give the 100 days of Coding a spin.

There was guest, Alexander Kallaway, who started the #100daysOfCode hashtag and wrote about the challenge on Medium.

The chat was so much info and so much advice, I had to digest the comments and come up with something that can get me through the next 100 days. I joined Free Code Camp to get a look at how I could help me stay coding consistently. This site is pretty good, however the HTML & CSS section was boring me to sleep. I want to work trough it, but I don’t want to bore myself out of the challenge.

So, I took to our Twitter DM group that was formed to see what folks were deciding to work on. One twitter buddy, @MageeWorld, had great information on GitHub. I haven’t used it in a while, but I’m going to try to push something each day, for some visible accountability.


After browsing through a book called, “Exercises for Programmers“, by Brian P. Hogan, I’ve settled on a tip calculator to work on a bit of JavaScript. I forked one off CodePen and I’m making several changes along the way. I just needed to start coding SOMETHING!

Here’s to being dedicated to 100 days to coding!

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