My last web design class was a blast

Last night I finished up my Web 3 class at the University of the Arts Continuing Studies program. I can’t begin to tell you how much I’ve learned. My instructor was a really cool dude and showed us how to make web sites responsive. After 10 weeks, I can honestly say, I LEARNED SOMETHING! I mean really learned something. Web 2 was not a growth experience for me and for the part I played in that, I own it. This class and the way in which the content was delivered was a bit better to grasp. We didn’t use tools that we should have been using like CodePen or JsFiddle or even a good code editor like Sublime Text or Brackets, but it worked. The student hosting site never worked for any instructor that tried to use it,  but we made it through. My assignments went from a 2 column layout with media queries and a background no one liked to a site with responsive navigation and images, grid system, flexbox, php headers and footers and things looking like I knew what I was doing.

I’d gotten to class early last night and the instructor was rearing to go. He reviewed my site and we went over how it had progressed and how I’d managed to get every assignment topic into the site. As I sat back and basked in the glow of achievement, I knew this was only the beginning. In order to be ready for the next course, introduction to programming, I’ll need to teach myself JavaScript and jQuery in order to be at the technical level I should be by the beginning of the semester.


I purchased a few books that I heard (either in a podcast or on a blog) were great text to have around if you’re trying to program in JavaScript; Eloquent JavaScript & JavaScript: The Good Parts.


I also have subscriptions to Pluralsight, and Safari Books Online (job perks), so I know I’ll have the resources to dive in over the summer and consume as much as I can. So as  my life returns to normal after a whirlwind 10 weeks, I’m looking forward to what Web Design can show me next.

Here is my project site for the class.