Me and my big mouth: I’m doing #100daysofCode again

The Sunday CodeNewbie chat are filled with inspiring tweets of progress, reflection, accomplishment and jokes from Cliff. I always look forward to it and I regret missing it. Today, Marshall said he’d like to connect to other codenewbies and work through the challenge together.

I love a good community-driven challenge, so I said, WHY NOT! Then Cliff and Nabheet said they’d join in as well and there you have, the fantastic 4 jumping into the #100daysofCode Challenge again, but this time, together!

I’m going to be the Human Torch, because Michael Bae Jordan, DUH!


WordPress on AWS MeetUp

I was invited to Philly ‘burbs WordPress meetup to give a talk about how to install WP on AWS. I’d given this talk before in an impromptu setting, my dining room table, to my monthly coding group. It was more of a workshop, really hands on and at the end, everyone was a command-line hero in my book. Most, never having logged into a Linux server before, let alone deploying a server in the cloud.

Speaker gesturing towards monitor

Photo Cred: @accessamy

Liam, the group leader, saw a tweet about it and invited me to present it to his group. Here are the videos and the slide deck from the MeetUp.

WordPress on AWS Part 1:
WordPress on AWS Part 2
WordPress on AWS Part 3




So long to Colorstock

I just got an email that Colorstock is shutting down on March 31st. If you didn’t know, Colorstock was a site that curated stock photos featuring woman of color in tech. Since 2015, they’ve offered royalty-free stock photography under the Creative Commons License. These photos filled a void for writers and content makers to offer diversity in the images they published.  As the sun sets on this much needed service, we bid them adieu and wish them well. We can still access their photo album on Flikr.


All photos are by Women Of Color in Tech licensed under the CC 2.0

Lorem Ipsum 2.0

As as you’re building your website, you’re going to need some filler images and content to make the site look like a ‘real’ site. Seeing how image sizing and the text wraps on a page helps you make better styling decisions.  Gone are the days of boring Latin text that your eyes can’t glide across without making grammatical correction in your head. I bring you my favorite lorem ipsum text generators.

Bob Ross


Barack Obama


Jules from Pulp Fiction



The Wire




DJ Khaled

DJ Khaled

The Best Placeholder site on the Internet: Beyonce’

Scott Hansleman did a blog post on “The Internet’s Best Placeholder Image Sites for Web Development“, years ago, but I guess the best placeholder image site hadn’t been created yet. Well, here you are ladies and gentlemen, I give you, Beyonce!


Thanks, Chris!

Now, go forth and put Bey wherever you need her!

Oh, and here are a few more.

Another Free Image Site: Pixabay

I’ve talked about free images sites in the past, but here is a new one that just came across my desk.

I’m watching a tutorial by Rachel Andrew and she just mentioned a free image web site I’d never heard of, Pixabay. Stop by and take a look at the beautiful photography and feel free to use them in your site without attribution(but it is appreciated) or royalty. All images and photos on Pixabay are released under the Creative Commons License, so use in a commercial or printed material is OK.

Be sure not to hotlink, just download the images and use them on your site where you need them.

Here is a sample of some of the gorgeous images:


P.S. Another free image site just popped up, Pexels. Check them out also.

10th Annual BarCamp Philly: My discussion on Self-Care

Here is the slide deck from my discussion on Self-Care at BarCamp Philly

It was less of me talking at them, but more of a discussion on how we can be more aware of our well-being, protecting our minds and our bodies from the effects of being sedentary. We know what we should do, most of the time but it’s up to us to make time and take time for ourselves.